Workshop: „Learn to code – structure your web pages with HTML & style your web pages with CSS“ mit Floor Drees und Laura Gaetano

Ihr wollt euren Blog individuell gestalten, um ihn von anderen Blogs optisch abheben zu lassen? Dann könnt ihr die wichtigsten Tools dafür in den beiden „Learn to Code“ Workshops mit Floor Drees und Laura Gateano erlernen.

Laura Gaetano came to programming early 2013 at a Rails Girls workshop. It has since thrown her life around. She landed a job as software developer, acts as a developer evangelist for startup and is non-stop learning and teaching code – when she’s not busy perfecting her Taekwondo moves.

Floor Drees started diving into programming little before she organized her first Rails Girls event in 2013 but has since (helped) organized several workshops, meetups and tech conferences. From Technical Documentation Writer to running a co-working space might seem like a big leap – yet not when you look at sektor5’s target audience: IT startups and freelance professionals.

After a couple of changes in the team Laura and Floor now lead the Ruby User Group (vienna.rb) and the PyLadies Study Group (PyLadies Vienna) together. They are also both part of the Rails Girls Summer of Code core team. Their joined goal is teaching code literacy and creating a community that is welcoming to beginner coders.

Learn to code – structure your web pages with HTML | 18. April
Using a pre-cooked backend (the thing that makes it all work magically) we’ll build a frontend (the thing that everybody sees) for our small app. You’ll learn how to write HTML and how to build the base for any web app you may desire to code up next!

Learn to code – style your web pages with CSS | 19. April
Taking an existing application, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of styling web pages. Using CSS we’ll give our web app the look and feel we want and define how user interactions should behave – like: what happens when I click this button. You’ll learn how to write CSS and how to organize your style definitions.

Hinweis: Der Workshop wird in English abgehalten. Die Slides sind jedoch auf Deutsch und auch beide Workshop Hosts stehen euch bei Verständnisfragen gerne auf Deutsch zur Seite.
Die Teilnehmer können nur mit eigenem Laptop teilnehmen. Es wird kein Laptop zur Verfügung gestellt.

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